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Walnut Hollow Plaques and Bases

Select Taxidermy in conjunction with Walnut Hollow is proud to bring you a range of exquisite taxidermy plaques and bases.

Take pride in your trophy display with expertly crafted base wood plaques and bases with unique, decorative edges. Choose an unfinished plaque and design to your heart's content, or choose a base that is already finished and sealed with high-grade satin lacquer.

Thick Walnut oval bases have a recessed portion in the middle and a decorative edge. Sealed and finished, it is ready to mount your trophy and round off your display.



Size Description Style Oak Price /
Walnut Price
Style Oak Price /
Walnut Price
9x12 Fits Deer Crest $32.95 /
Arrowhead $32.95 /
14x18 Fits Medium Elk, Carabou Crest $42.95 /
Arrowhead $42.95 /
16x20 Fits Large Elk Crest $51.95 /
Arrowhead $51.95 /
18x16 Fits Moose Crest N/A /
  Euro Wood Base Reversable for Table Top or Wall Display $56.95



Size Description Oak Walnut
9x12 Oval $34.95 $36.95
14x18 Oval $42.95 $44.95
20x24 Oval $56.95 $58.95
8 5/8 Round $32.95 $34.95
12 Round $36.95 $38.95
16 Round $42.95 $44.95


NOTE: Prices subject to change due to the US dollar.


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