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Tanning Supplies and Chemicals

Quality tanning will determine the quality of mounts that you produce. When you want to create the most realistic, long-lasting mounts, choose the best tanning supplies and chemicals.

Below is a selection of some of our favorite tanning supplies and chemicals, as well as our in-house range of affordable, quality products, along with detailed descriptions and tips for best use.

By combining the right products, you can ensure that you produce the best tan for your mount. Our expert taxidermist is standing by to answer your questions about tanning supplies and chemicals.


Aves Products

Critter Clay

Item Description   Price
Critter Clay Critter Clay TM is a 1-part water-based modeling clay. It is moist and ready to use right out if its bag. Critter Clay TM is safe and non-hazardous, lightweight and extra strong. Once exposed to air Critter Clay TM begins to harden and has about a 40 minute working time. It sticks best to a clean, textured, or ruffed up surfaces. Use water and wet fingers or tools to feather, shape and add fine details. Cures to a hard finish in 1-5 days (time varies with size of project and working conditions.) Accepts all paints and is great for intricate work. Water clean up! Critter Clay TM is the #1 choice of taxidermists and professionals worldwide because of its great detail, fine clay texture and low shrinkage rate (0-1%). Conforms to ASTM D4236   1lb - $18.95
5lb - $37.95
25lb - $81.95


FIXIT Sculpt

Item Description   Price
FIXIT Sculpt FIXIT® Sculpt is the newest product in the FIXIT® line. It is great for many uses that require all of the qualities of regular FIXIT®, plus it offers exceptional sculpting qualities. It has a firm feel more quickly after mixing; it resists sagging and drooping; it holds detail and impressions; has a flat matte finish; accepts paints and stains, and offers a very liberal 4 hour working time. FIXIT® Sculpt can be seamlessly feathered before set-up, or sanded, tapped, drilled, lathed, or otherwise tooled after set-up, without chipping, cracking or flaking! Simple water clean-up or use Apoxie® Safety Solvent. Conforms to ASTM D4236 What's in Your Tool Box?   1lb - $33.95
3lb - $59.95


Apoxie Sculpt

Item Description   Price
Apoxie Sculpt Apoxie® Sculpt offers economy as well as performance. It has a putty-like, smooth consistency and is easy to mix and use. It is safe, nonhazardous, and waterproof with 0% shrinkage & 0% cracking! Working time is 2- 3 hours. Cures hard in 24 hours and has a semi-gloss finish. Adheres to vinyl, plastic, resin kits, wood, metal, ceramic, glass, polymers, foam, fiberglass, & more! Can be seamlessly feathered before set-up, or sanded, tapped, drilled, carved, lathed, or otherwise tooled after set-up, without chipping, cracking or flaking! Save time and money on finishing jobs by using Apoxie® Sculpt colors! Simple water clean-up or use Apoxie® Safety Solvent. Endless uses for artists, crafters, modelers, students, outdoor projects and more!   1lb - $33.95
4lb - $64.95


Wesco Products

Ear Adhesive

Item Description   Item No Price
Ear Adhesive This product works great to eliminate drumming with your artificial earliner. Dries in 2-4 Hrs.   EA 1
EA 2
1lb - $33.95
2qt - $82.95


Magic Sculpt

Item Description   Item No Price
Magic Sculpt This excellent 2 part apoxy sculpturing compound is great for horn and beak repairs, hiding seams filling holes and shrunken areas, sculpting around eyes, nostrils and jaws. Easily smoothed with a wet finger and feathers beautifully. Hardens in approx. 45 minutes and is easily sanded and accepts all paints.   MSC1
1lb - $33.95
5lb - $82.95


Magic Smooth

Item Description   Item No Price
Magic Smooth Gel like epoxy for extra fine work. Excellent for fish. Smoothes beautifully with water-producing a flawless finish. Mix equal parts.   MSM1
1lb - $33.95
2qt - $82.95


Knoblochs Chemicals


Item Description   Price
Liquatan Liqua Tan is a complete and permanent tan. Fast drying. Compatible with all hide pastes. Excellent stretch. Sets hair. No oily mess. Reduces shrinkage to almost zero. Used by many of the leading taxidermists. Easy to use. Can be mounted the same day or dried and handled as a tanned skin.   1l - $35.95
4l - $97.95
Stop Slip Stop Slip will permanently set hair that is loose or starting to slip. Also works excellently for setting the velvet on horns. Spray from an atomizer or sponge on.   1l - $26.95
4l - $71.95
Bird Feet Injection Fluid Bird feed injection fluid is a preservative for injection into bird feet, wings, feet of small game, and antlers velvet to reduce shrinkage. Safe to use without offensive odors.   8oz - $15.95
Safety Pickle Safety Pickle is for use of pickling skins before tanning. After rehydration rinse skins and drain well. Place in solution of one 1/2 oz. of Safety Pickle, and 1 pound of Salt per gallon of water. Comes with complete instructions.   1l - $31.95
4l - 92.95
Super Solve Degreaser Super Solve Degreaser is a concentrated water-soluble solvent degreaser. Recommended for especially greasy game, bird, and fish skins. Can be used in the pickle and tanning baths.   1l - $27.95
4l - $74.95
Antler in Velvet Tan Antler in Velvet Tan is a fast acting permanent tanning solution specifically designed to set and tan velvet on antlers. It will not wash out.   1l - $29.95
4l - $79.95
Antler Stain#1 Antler Stain #1 is a stain that builds up gradually. It will give a natural reddish-brown color and will not fade. Alcohol base, can be thinned with water.   8oz - $15.95
Antler Stain#2 Antler Stain #1 is a stain that builds up gradually. It will give a chocolate brown color and will not fade. Alcohol base, can be thinned with water.   8oz - $15.95


Select Taxidermy Supplies & Chemicals

Select Taxidermy Products

Item Description   Price
Select Tanning Lotion
Save the cost of sending capes to the tanner. Excellent liquid tanning product that produces a complete and permanent tan. Instant hair set, no shrinkage and can be used with hide paste.
  8oz- $14.95
1l- $31.95
4l- $74.95
PSE Tanning Oil
Our white P.S.E Tanning & Softening Oil is back! One of the best softening oils available. This creamy white non-yellowing fat liquid penetrates rapidly and uniformly into the hide to relax and add stretch to the skin. Produces a soft, stretchy fur leather.
  8oz- $15.95
1l- $34.95
4l- $79.95
Skin Prep/ Scouring Agent*
Highly concentrated skin prep, relaxer, degreaser and cleaner. Use in all soaking solutions to soften and relax skin and help hide accept tanning.
  8oz- $13.95
1l- $24.95
4l- $54.95
Deodorizer Wash & Soak*
A concentrated wash that removes and masks unpleasant odors in skins. Use 2-4 oz Per gallon of water depending on severity of odor. Will not cause hair slip.
  8oz- $13.95
1l- $24.95
4l- $54.95
Excellent bactericide for addition to all pickling, soaking and washing solutions.
  8oz- $13.95
1l- $24.95
4l- $54.95
  * Purchase all 3: 1l - $51.95 4l - $129.95    
Saftee Acid
Safetee acid is rapidly replacing all other acids for the pickling process. This acid is safe to handle without protective equipment. There is no problem disposing of the pickle as it may be poured down the drain.
  1l- $31.95
4l- $92.95
Trophy Duster Spray
This excellent spray-on product dissipates dust on contact, dries quickly and leaves no build up even with frequent use. Specifically formulated to clean game heads, fish, bird and mammal mounts.
  13oz- $16.95
3M Super Spray Adhesive
Excellent spray adhesive for many taxidermy applications.
Elmer's Spray Adhesive
Good spray adhesive for many taxidermy applications.
Modge Podge
Water based build up material that dries clear. Excellent for work on deer noses.
  8oz- $20.95
16oz- $29.95
Clear Cast Scenery Resin
This clear casting resin is specifically formulated and designed for the taxidermy industry where clear transparent effects are desired in background scenery, such as: water effects (still, rippling or water falls), ice effects (icicles, frozen ponds, glaze over branches, logs etc). Use just a few drops of catalyst for each liter of resin, stir and pour. Catalyst included, use 1 oz per 4 liters of resin.
1l resin + 1/2oz catalyst
4l resin + 1oz catalyst

1l- $59.95
4l- $169.95
Modelling Putty
Non hardening clay. An excellent "non-hardening" non-toxic oil based putty. Excellent for setting eyes, Sculpturing, Filling holes etc. Will not chip or harden and can be used indefinitely. Comes in 2 colours. Black or Medium Brown.
Fish Mache
Fish mache is an extra smooth mache – one of the best in the market for fish taxidermy. Perfect texture and consistency with a drying time of approximately 30 minutes. Makes it ideal for fish work.
  2l- $20.95
4l- $29.95
Paper Mache
A great mache mixture to meet all your taxidermy needs. Just add water and mix.
  2l- $20.95
4l- $29.95
Quick Mount
Our exclusive formula dry preserve contains a bactericide, an insecticide, a deodorizing agent and 2 preservatives. Use on birds and small mammals the same as Borax.
  1l- $18.95
4l- $33.95
Borax (Fine Grade)
The best and safest natural preservative available. Excellent for drying and preserving bird, fish and small mammal skins. Great for neutralizing acid after tan or pickle wash.
  1l- $16.95
4l- $31.95
  Fish Pickle
For curing fish skins prior to mounting. Use 1 litre pickle for each gallon of water.
  1l- $16.95
4l- $31.95
Aluminium Sulphate
For use in various tanning formulas. Excellent grade tans to a light color.
  1l- $16.95
4l- $39.95
Sodium Carbonate
Use this when boiling skulls. Use 1 cup to each gallon of water to loosen meat and flesh on skull, bone, etc. It eases fleshing. Also bleaches skull and bones. Irritating to eyes and skin. Wear protective gear.
  2lbs- $16.95
5lbs- $25.95
10lbs- $39.95
Oxatic Acid
Used in pickling process. Can be used instead of Formic Acid. Use 2 teaspoons per gallon of water
  1lb- $14.95
5lbs- $29.95
10lbs- $49.95
25lbs- $99.95
Magnesium Carbonate
Used when mixing with 40 volume peroxide bleach skulls
  4oz- $15.95
8ox- $27.95
Sodium Bicarbonate
Used to neutralize your hides from pickling solution
  2lbs- $16.95
5lbs- $29.95
10lbs- $39.95
Lutan F
Excellent tanning and preserving agent for skulls
  1lb- $17.95
5lbs- $39.95
10lbs- $79.95
55lbs- $369.95
Dextrine Yellow
Great for glue bases and mache work, water based
  5lbs- $24.95
10lbs- $64.95
25lbs- $99.95
Non iodized, great for salting and preserving hides
  20kg- $19.95
Used for smoothing skull caps and other work
  10lbs- $24.95
20kg- $79.95
Heavy Duty Hide Paste
This extra-strength, premium quality adhesive is ready to use and is excellent for mammal, bird and fish taxidermy. It dries in approximately 24 hours allowing time.
  1l- $19.95
4l- $47.95
Fin Flex Fish Sealer
Brush fin flex on the front and back of fins. Dries transparent and leaves fins flexible and break resistant. Also an excellent sealer to apply prior to painting fish bodies. Allow to dry before applying paint. Freeze Warning.
  8oz- $19.95
16oz- $29.95
Leather Dye Spray
Leather dye in a spray can dries faster than ever. Available in black or brown.
Vulta Foam
Comes in two parts, mix equal quantities, stir and pour into place. Great for alterations or base work.
  1l- $59.95
4l- $189.95
20l- $509.95
Artificial Snow
Best snow on the market today. Sift or sprinkle snow and seal with a final light mist. This snow contains an adhesive that is activated by water, dries beautifully white. Will not flake or dis-colour.
  2l- $16.95
4l- $29.95
6l- $39.95
National Rock Mix
Our specially formulated rock mix allows you to create realistic, natural looking rock effects on your bases easier than ever before. Simply mix with water to form a thick paste and apply to your base as desired. Once dry, brush lightly with a wire brush to add detail lines. Mix paint (included) in a spray bottle with 8 oz of water and shake until mixed. spray until desired depth of colour is achieved.
  2l- $23.95
4l- $39.95
Plainsman Clay
Air drying pre-mixed clay. Works excellent for ears, butts, filling, paws, and many other applications.
  22lbs- $31.95
44lbs- $56.95
Habitat Material
  4l- $18.95
20l- $42.95
Artificial Foam Rocks
Granite Finish
Rock 1 - Fits birds and small mammals.
Rock 2 - Fits life-size Coyote and Badger.
  1- $24.95
2- $37.95



NOTE: Prices subject to change due to the US dollar.


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