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Next Generation Fleshing Machine

Technology has evolved, and so have taxidermy processes. Fleshing machines take the heavy lifting out of meat processing jobs, resulting in more efficient and more profitable results. Using high-speed rotation circular blades, you can now cut through fat and bone with a fraction of the effort.

Next generation fleshing machines replace knives and hand tools with industry-leading technology to drive performance, productivity on the processing plant, and ultimately, profits.

Meat trimming applications include food, fish, bone, fat and meat trimmers for a variety of uses will provide the shortcut you need to timeously deliver a quality trophy.


Fleshing Machine


Bear, Buffalo, Wild Boar… No Problem!

Cut your toughest jobs down to size

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Fleshing Machine The Whizard® Trimmer lets you bring the fleshing tool to the hide for improved speed, mobility and control. Even better, it requires only a fraction of the physical effort of traditional processes. Our fast rotation circular blade cuts cleanly through thick, sticky fat, improving your productivity and your profits. Simple to learn. Easy to use. Count on the Whizard® Trimmer to deliver rapid fleshing when you need it, and superb control where it counts. Brought to you by America’s leading precision cutting tool manufacturer   $2595.00


Typical Applications

The Whizard Fleshing Machine is far more accurate and much faster than fleshing with a knife. It is a lot safer and faster than fleshing with a wheel. Relative to tanning, the skin rehydrates very well because of the extra clean fleshing. The skin pickles faster and more thoroughly, making shaving faster and thinner. The skin accepts tanning agents evenly with less time allowing for greater stretch.



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