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Select Taxidermy is a proud reseller of Polytranspar water and acrylic airbrush paints. Polytranspar is the leading choice in taxidermy paint and continues to deliver the highest quality, realistic trophies in competitions.

What sets Polytranspar paints apart from the competition, is the fact that it allows the taxidermist to freely intermix the paints to achieve the perfect shades for the most realistic trophies. Additionally, the brand offers a variety of colors to cater to all kinds of fish and bird species.

Choose from lacquer based paints or water based paints to create the most life-like trophies.


Polytranspar Water / Acrylic Airbrush Paints

Opaque & Semi-Transparent Series - Non Bleeding

Form No Colour Description Price (8 oz)
WA 10 Superhide White A clean, finely pigmented white. Easy one coat coverage $15.95
WA 12 Whitetail Ear Medium Accurate colour of a whitetail deer's interior ear skin $15.95
WA 29 Black Under Brownish-Black. Perfect for open mouth coyote mounts and other uses $15.95
WA 30 Black Extremely fine pigment. Good gloss, excellent coverage & effective for detail $15.95
WA 31 Paynes Gray Dark, cool blue-gray colour. Use to darken other colours $15.95
WA 62 Dark Bass & Trout Green Non-bleeding, crisp, clean green for many fish $15.95
WA 70 Chocolate Brown Great for head finishing, habitat and other uses on fish $15.95
WA 71 Burnt Umber Darker, cooler than chocolate brown. Tones down bright colours $15.95
WA 72 Sahara Tan General use tan colour. Similar to Buckskin. Use on mammals & snakes $15.95
WA 75 Blending Brown Use as first colour on skin mounts to even out expoxy required colours $15.95
WA 90 Bright Orange Use on some duck legs, sunfish & bream $15.95
WA 139 Tooth Yellow Yellow-orange ochre for staining teeth in mammal jaw sets $15.95
WA 140 Cadmium Yellow Excellent base colour. Very bright, clean yellow $15.95
WA 141 Yellow Ochre Similar to Yellow Oxide. Perfect for wood duck legs $15.95
WA 160 Gill Red (Cadmium) A very rich red that covers in one coat $15.95
WA 161 Snow Goose Red For painting the legs & feet of snow, blue & Ross geese $15.95
WA 165 Flesh Good for mouth interior painting on any species of fish, mammals & birds $15.95
WA 166 Mohr Flesh Excellent for open-mouth mammal work. Developed by Harvey Mohr $15.95
WA 167 Lavender Flesh Darker open-mouth flesh colour. Excellent on bear jaw sets $15.95
WA 201 Musky Green Specially formulated for Muskellunge & Northern Pike $15.95


Transparent Series - Blending / Bleeding

Form No Colour Description Price (8 oz)
WA 51 Medium Bass & Trout Green Slightly darker than light & transparent $15.95
WA 300 Sailfish Blue Beautiful transparent blue, used for saltwater fish $15.95


Pearl Essence, Light Reflecting & Iridescents

Form No Colour Description Price (8 oz)
WA 440 Shimmering Blue Iridescent Use on trout & salmon $15.95
WA 441 Shimmering Green Iridescent Has an almost metallic effect $15.95
WA 442 Shimmering Gold Iridescent Finishing touch for most fish, including bass $15.95
WA 443 Shimmering Red Iridescent Used on most fish that have begun to spawn $15.95
WA 110 Bright Silver Brilliant silver for salmon, tarpon & other saltwater fish $15.95


Select Wet Look Spray Lacquer

Form No Colour Description Price (12 oz)
SWL Select Wet Look Gloss Very high gloss for finishing coat on all fish $22.95


Paasche Airbrush

Single Action-External Mix. Individual air and colour feed ensure easy handling. Sturdy, dependable and adaptable for practically any hobby or professional use. Three interchangeable tips allow greater versatility.

Airbrush Set

Form No Description Price (12 oz)
HSET Set includes:
  • H Series Airbrush
  • c/w #1, #3, #5 Cone Assemblies
  • 1 oz. Mixing Jar
  • 1 oz. and 3 oz. Bottle Assemblies,
  • Colour Cup,
  • Tools and Air Hose
  • 22 Airbrush Lessons



NOTE: Prices subject to change due to the US dollar.


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