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With more than 30 years of taxidermy experience, Select Taxidermy has the skills and experience to know exactly which taxidermy tools you need to create the most successful, lifelike mount.

From knives to sharpeners, scissors to shears, and fleshing tools to painting tools, you can rely on Select Taxidermy to supply all the tools and accessories you need to make a success of your first taxidermy project. From tanning supplies to measuring tools, needles, stands, cradles, mixing, modeling, and tucking tools, we supply only the best products to help you put the finishing touches to your masterpiece.

Speak to us today about the most important taxidermy tools and accessories for your needs.


Havalon Knives

Havalon Knives

Item     Price
Pirarta Stainless     $56.95
Pirarta Tracer     $56.95
Pirarta Edge     $56.95
Case Black     $12.95
Pack of 12 Blades     $12.95


Tools & Accessories

Ear Adhesive

Item Description Item No Options Price
Tail Skinner Forget the frustrations involved in tail skinning, this new tool will quickly and easiliy remove the tail bone from most small to medium size animals. Sturdy, steel construction. TAIL   $24.95
Thread All our threads are totally waterproof and will never rot. Nylon - strong, fine gauge thread for fine detail sewing. Comes in a large 4oz. spool THW
Wire - Copper Plated Excellent for all bird, mammal and fish mounting WCSM
1/16 x 39
3/32 x 39
1/8 x 39
Scalpel Handle Chrome Handle. Fits #20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 blades SCH   $14.95
Scalpel Blades No. 21, 22 or 23 Style SCB10
10 blades
100 blades
Skife Knife Now it's easy to thin around lips, eyes, etc. Detailed face fleshing has never been easier! Made principally for the job of skiving leather and other materials, it is a very handy tool for all leather workers. It is especially good for thinning hides in various areas without cutting through. This time-saving tool increases both speed and accuracy. It is fitted with a razor blade, and extra blades are available SKKN
6 Blades
Skinning Knife Best quality knives available today – Victorinox by Swiss Army knives, Switzerland. SKK3 31/2 Blade $19.95
Needles Triangular Point Leather Needles
N2G - 2″ glover’s needles
N4 - 4″ straight scalp needle
N6 - 6″ straight scalp needle
N2 - 2″ half curve needle
N3 - 3″ half curve needle
N514 - 5-1/4″ S-curve needle (better grip with wet hands)
Paper Clips Great for carding bird feathers and screening mammal ears PCL Extra Large, box 100 $3.95
Foam File Sur-shape Shaver
Fastest tool for trimming and shaping foam when carving fish bodies or altering forms. (with extra blade)
FF   $24.95
Pins 1″ 500g Adamantine nickel plated steel
1-1/2″ – 500g – Adamantine nickel plated steel
2″ T-Pins
Pin Pusher Perfect for pushing pins in around eyes, mouth and nostrils PINP   $14.95
Scalp Thread Flat, nylon, waxed lacing twine – 8 oz. roll     $24.95
Gloves Box 100 disposable Latex gloves,  med or large GLM
Bone Snips Great for snipping bones on birds and mammals. A must for fish work BSN   $34.95
Brad Driver This spring-loaded tool makes it fast and easy to push pins into forms and will now accept even large headed pins BRDR   $24.95
Caliper Great for measuring eyes, etc. Measures in inches and millimeters CAL   $12.95
Ear Skinners The best tool ever designed for opening ears on game animals. Complete with return spring for ease of operation ESK   $42.95
Fisk Skinning Knife A must for skinning fish. Reduces risk of cutting the skin,
3-1/2″ Blade
FSK   $25.95
Grooming Brush This brush works very well for all your grooming needs. It has very fine individual wires that help with stubborn tangles and aids in removing tanning and mounting residue     $19.95
Furrier Comb This comb has exceptionally strong teeth for all those tangles and knots in fur     $19.95
Neck Material 5/8″ Small pheasant, mallard 1/2oz per foot
3/4″ Large pheasant, mallard 1/2oz per foot
1″ Geese 1/2oz per foot
  per foot
per foot
per foot
Hangers Extra Heavy Duty 3131

per dozen
Hangers Safety Swivel Extra Heavy Duty - Dozen
Extra Heavy Duty - 100
Extra Heavy Duty - Dozen
Extra Heavy Duty - 100
Extra Heavy Duty - Dozen
Extra Heavy Duty - 100
Mounting Stand Heavy duty portable stand includes fleshing beam
* Fleshing beam sold separately



NOTE: Prices subject to change due to the US dollar.


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