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Antler Mounting Kits

Proudly display your trophies with our range of antler mounting kits, complete with a cream colored cap which allows you to choose the best material for the cover. The antler mounting kit offers a number of customization options and allows you to display a variety of antler shapes and sizes.

Our antler mounting kits are easy to assemble using the included mounting hardware, a full set of instructions, and a limited lifetime warranty.

You can rely on Select Taxidermy for all your taxidermy services and supplies, as well as expert advice. Get in touch with us today to discuss our antler mounting kits and options.


Antler Manikins

Form No Species Recommended
Plaque Size
Antler Manikin Kit
AMSD Small - Medium Deer 9 x 12 $20.95 $28.95
AMLD Large Deer 10 x 13 $21.95 $29.95
AMAT Antelope 10 x 13 $21.95 $29.95
AMME Medium Elk 14 x 18 $23.95 $32.95
AMLE Large Elk 16 x 20 $24.95 $33.95
AMMO Moose 16 x 18 $25.95 $34.95
AMSH Shed Deer 10 x 13 $26.95 $34.95


Shed Mounting Procedure

  1. Cover manikin with felt or desired material and staple edges to the back of manikin.
  2. Drill a 1/4” hole through the center of each antler pedicle completely through the plywood base at the approximate angle the antler is to be positioned.
  3. Mix bondo (or 5 Min epoxy) and coat half of mounting rod and fill hole in manikin. Insert rod until flush with the back of manikins plywood base. Allow to dry
  4. Center manikin on plaque and fasten together with four 2” wood screws through the back of the plaque and into the manikin.
  5. Drill a 1/4” hole about 2-1/2” deep into the center of each antler base.
  6. Position each antler on the respective mounting bolt. Grasp firmly and bend rods until proper alignment is achieved.
  7. Remove antlers. Mix Bondo or five minute epoxy and coat both mounting rods and the holes in the base of the antlers.
  8. Install antlers and secure with tape or hold in the correct position until dry. (Cut Braid trim to theappropriate length and hot glue into place around antler base.)


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