Select Taxidermy is a CFIA approved Disinfection Facility.

Select Taxidermy is a CFIA Approved Disinfection Facility

Importing hunting trophies is regulated under The Health of Animals Regulations, Sections 42 and 50, and the import requirements for trophies are outlined in the CFIA Importation of Integumentary Tissues Policy.

The CFIA's animal product import requirements are aimed at preventing foreign animal disease, such as foot-and-mouth disease, from entering Canada and posing a risk to human and animal health. Animal hunting trophies brought across the border need to be clean, disease-free and conform to CFIA policy.

Select Taxidermy is a CFIA approved Disinfection Facility. We are certified to disinfect, clean and handle imported integumentary tissue and trophies strictly according to Canadian regulations.

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